Create animated video for your business.

Hello, This is Moloy and his Team of motion graphic professionals with a passion to make the best videos for your Business, be it cartoon style, corporate style, 3D style, product promo or other. My videos will give YOU business and make ME proud.

Video has become interesting and fun and the business potential is ever increasing. I can help you brainstorm the perfect storyboard for you and Explain your product or service to make an animated video that will simply GLUE your viewers. At PixelGenio you will get outstanding quality of work and an extremely smooth, customer friendly video creation process.

Video animation for business - Why us ?

Not to mention “you do best what you love to do”. A designer who is passionate about his creation will never let you down. We have been into business for over 8 years now and I hope you agree that the best videos would come from a combination of both skills and experience. My team consists of award winning script writers and senior level visualizers. My animators are all BFA degree artists and we always put our best towards creating unmatched artwork. My team of dedicated professionals will use digital artwork to produce visually appealing custom graphic illustrations, figure drawings, character drawings that will engage your viewers.

With us you do not need to worry about whether your video will be worth from a strategic point of view. We will analyze your business and build up the perfect strategy/concept that fits your business model and branding.

Free consultation & Money Back Policy

If you are not sure about how to proceed, Please feel free to skype us (pixelgenio) OR email us at quicksupport@pixelgenio.com to ask for a Free quote or simply fill up the form on the right. We would love to hear about your storyboard or concept. Not only this, we respect you for your trust on us and as such if you are not satisfied with our work we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

What Our Clients Say ?

"100% satisfied. His team is expert in their profession and values professionalism. Will definitely work on more projects with Pixelgenio."
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